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At Aaron Pools & Spas


We Love Our Customers!

Our focus has always been our commitment to our customers. Offering the highest quality hot tubs, with industry-leading customer care, we specialize in exceeding your expectations! Our passionate team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect hot tub or swim spa that fits the needs of you and your family.

The Hydropool factory showroom is conveniently located adjacent to where all of our award-winning hot tubs and swim spas are made. Take a peek through the glass window to see our hot tubs in production, or have one of our expert associates give you a guided tour. With more than 20 models on display, showcasing our multiple lines: Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tubs and Swim Spas, Hydropool Serenity Hot Tubs, and La-Z-Boy Hot Tubs, with more than just one running tub to try, the Hydropool factory showroom is like no other. It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else!


It feels like life is more hectic than it’s ever been. Families always trying to balance their goals and dreams with the responsibilities of everyday life. It’s all part of the journey to a life well-lived.


70% of the world population lives within 100 km’s (62 miles) of water. We seek it out for our vacations and our summer getaways. Water is life’s game-changer.

There’s something magical, even magnetic, about it. It can be playful & lively when life gets a bit heavy, but it can also soothe even the weariest bones. We feel a sense of freedom when we’re around it, but it also has the power to bring a whole family together. On our worst days, we can literally hear the water calling to us.

At Hydropool we understand the power of water and the role it can play in living our best life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to harness the magical, magnetic power of water with innovation, creativity & imagination built into all of our hot tubs and swim spas. The perfect ingredient for training or just staying fit, for reconnecting, having some fun or a relaxing moment at the end of the day.