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Aaron Pools and Spas Offers an Array Of
Swim Spa Collections

Choose from the Executive Collection, the Aquatic Collection or the
Play Collection depending on your budget and needs.

The Executive Collection Models

  • Executive Sport 16Ex 2

    The 16 Executive Sport delivers all the fitness and fun of our 14’ AquaSport models, plus extra room workout.



  • Executive Sport 19Ex 2

    Enjoy Total Body Fitness & Fun. The 19EX Sport’s hydromassage seats let you relax after a tough workout.



  • Executive Trainer 16Ex 2

    The 16EX Trainer features the smoothest, most predictable current providing the best swim of any swim spa on the market.



  • Executive Trainer 19Ex 2

    The 19EX features Our patented Current Collector and V-Twin Jets come standard, giving you the best swim in the industry.



The Executive Collection

The Executive Collection is the premiere line of swim spas offered by Aaron Pools and Spas. Built to create a smooth and powerful current, the Executive series is at the top of the swim spa class. Ideal for everyone from the beginner to the competitive swimmer, Executive Collection swim spas allow for precise current control and pre-programmed exercise routines. Once you’ve finished your workout, relax with a hydrotherapeutic massage in the ergonomically designed seats. Whether for fitness, relaxation or recreation, the Executive Collection will exceed your expectations.
PatenedV-Twin Jet Technology
ExclusiveVFX Variable Speed Pumps
Energy Efficiency5 Stars
Starting Price Range$$$$$-$$$$$$

The Aquatic Collection Models

  • AquaSport 14AX 4

    The 14AX AquaSport features a 53" deep swim tank & ergonomically designed hydrotherapy seats, with zone therapy.



  • AquaSport 17AX 3

    The 17′ Cross Training Exercise System, delivers all the fitness and fun of our 14’ model, plus extra room to stretch out!



  • AquaSport 19DTAX 7

    Stay active in the swim area at a comfortable 80-90 degrees and then wind at up to 104 degrees in the Hottub section



  • AquaTrainer 14AX 4

    Our 14AX Aquatrainer with Self Cleaning technology, provides the ideal environment for at-home, total-body fitness.



  • AquaTrainer 17AX 3

    The 17AX Aquatrainer allows for endless swimming at beginner to advanced levels, dial in your perfect swim.



  • AquaTrainer 19DTAX 7

    Stay active in the swim area at a comfortable 80-90 degrees and then wind at up to 104 degrees in the Hottub section



The Aquatic Collection

The Aquatic Collection showcases models that can act as a swimming pool, hot tub and aquatic fitness center all in one streamlined package. The adjustable, powerful and smooth current makes swimming easy and enjoyable regardless of swimming ability. The large, flat, anti-slip floor provides a foundation for a variety of other aquatic fitness exercises as well. When you’ve reached your physical limits, sit down in one of the ergonomically designed seats and enjoy a hydrotherapeutic massage. The Aquatic Collection provides fun, fitness and relaxation for the entire family.

StandardPremium Led Lighting
PatenedV-Twin Jet Technology
Energy Efficiency4 Stars
Starting Price Range$$$$-$$$$$$

The Play Collection Models

  • AquaPlay 12FFP 9

    IF YOUR INNER CHILD WANTS OUT, IT’S TIME TO PLAY. The AquaPlay Swim Spa is the perfect mini pool for family fun.



The Play Collection

If you’re looking for family fun, the Play Collection of swim spas provide the ultimate setting. There’s plenty of room for everyone as well as generous space for smooth, unencumbered swimming. Practice your favorite swim strokes at a pace that suits your abilities and follow it up with a hydrotherapeutic massage. If you want to mix up your fitness routine, the anti-slip floor allows for a variety of other aquatic exercises. The Play Collection features an affordable line of swim spas that are ideal for the whole family.

StandardWaterFall Jets
OptionalEZ-Pure Ozone System
Energy Efficiency4 Stars
Starting Price Range$$$$

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