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With so many hot tubs to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? In a few simple steps, we will show you the ideal hot tub for you!

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Aaron Pools and Spas Offers A Wide Range of
Premium Hot Tub Collections

Choose from Signature Self Cleaning hot tubs, Serenity hot tubs
and Dream Maker Spas to find the make and model
that best suits your needs.

The Signature Self Cleaning Models

  • Signature Self Cleaning 395 3

    The Signature 395 2-3 person hot tub designed for small spaces and comes in 2 depths, 30" and 37"


  • Signature Self Cleaning 495 4

    The Signature 495 is a true 4-person hot tub with a European design suited for tight spaces.


  • Signature Self Cleaning 570 5

    The Signatures Hot tub that is perfect for couples who are looking for that "just right" feeling.


  • Signature Self Cleaning 670 6

    The Signature 670 Hot tub has a comfortable long lounger and a great leg massage so you can stretch out.


  • Signature Self Cleaning 695 7

    The Signature 695 Hot tub with a large foot well, s-shaped immersion lounger and a great leg massage.


  • Signature Self Cleaning 720 7

    The Signature 720 is a large spacious Hot tub with a large footwell perfect for social families.


  • Signature Self Cleaning 770 7

    The Signature 770 Hot tub seats 7 and features a never-float lounger with a huge footwell.


  • Signature Self Cleaning 790 7

    The Signature 790 is a 7 person hot tub with double loungers, perfect for sports enthusiasts.


  • Signature Self Cleaning 970 9

    9 person hot tub and is one of the industry's largest and most luxurious Hot Tubs.


Signature Self Cleaning Hot Tubs

Spend more time soaking and less time cleaning with the Signature Self Cleaning hot tub collection. Experience quality, luxury, comfort and massage backed with a revolutionary, hands-free, self-cleaning technology. The product of 40 years of Hydropool innovation, Signature Self Cleaning hot tubs are able to filter the full tank of water in an energy efficient 15 minutes. You’ll also be treated to unique hydrotherapy massage and wellness programs in luxurious and customizable style. Live the life of comfort and ease with the Signature Self Cleaning collection.
PatenedSelf Cleaning Technology
Worlds OnlyPre-Programmed Massage
Energy Efficiency5 Stars
Starting Price Range$$$ – $$$$